Sustainability At Delta

Steve Tochilin, General Manager of Environmental Sustainability, Delta Air Lines

September 13th, 2018

There’s a striking similitude between our airline operations and our corporate sustainability efforts, and that’s the shared focus on connecting and taking care of people.  While our small sustainability team sets goals and tracks accomplishments, it’s Delta’s 80,000+ employees who do the real work of minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations and enhancing the wellbeing of our coworkers, our customers, and the communities where we live, work and serve.

Delta’s commitment to being thoughtful, reliable, and innovative includes a focus on mitigation and resilience, whether it’s reducing our already industry-low employee injury rate another 25 percent, flying nearly 250 days each year without a single cancellation, leveraging IT to reduce irregular operations and recovering when things don’t go as planned even more quickly, donating 1 percent of net income to key charitable organizations, or deploying a sustainability business resource group of more than 1,500 employee volunteers to identify and implement employee- and community-engagement projects throughout the Delta network.

While aviation accounts for just 2% of global emissions, an airline’s greatest environmental challenge is reducing its carbon footprint and its use of jet fuel.  Delta has long been an industry leader in implementing new operational and maintenance practices to reduce aircraft emissions, and we are currently in the midst of our largest fleet replacement effort in the history of the company.  We have also been voluntarily purchasing carbon offsets since 2012, many with strong social benefits, to address global increases in greenhouse gas emissions – 8 years sooner than the industry’s commitment to carbon-neutral growth beginning in 2021.  Delta’s sustainability efforts underpin our corporate anthem that, “No one better connects the world.”

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